Masitoh's Reluctance to Be in Debt to Moneylenders

Masitoh remains adamant about not falling into debt with moneylenders despite fewer buyers and terrible economic conditions. She did this because she was afraid the interest would never run out.

Masitoh has a stand where she sells her wares. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – Masitoh, a children's apparel vendor at Garut's Wisata Samarang Market, has been helping the family's finances for years. She rents space on the ground floor since she cannot afford to pay IDR 1 million per month for a stall on the top floor. Masitoh had to accept that her stall would be surrounded by butchers and fishmongers.

"Sometimes, consumers would say, 'Why are you selling garments downstairs. The clothes will stink,'" Masitoh explained on Tuesday (4/12/2022).

Masitoh is still interested in trading despite her low income. She is adamant about not changing careers. She wants to generate money from a legal and blessed source to feed her family.

"My daily earnings range from IDR 50 to 60 thousand. It does not always cover my family's necessities, and I have to resort to trading capital, "Masitoh elaborated.

The Masitoh stand is often deserted by buyers who merely want to look around or buy because it is located next to a meat and fish stall. Masitoh is hesitant to owe money to moneylenders for capital, notwithstanding the difficulties.

"I do not want to take out a loan from a moneylender or a bank. The interest does not stop accruing," she stated

The Samarang Tourism Market in Garut is a bustling market with daily visitors. Masitoh, on the other hand, has not been able to take advantage of a large number of visitors. []