Massive Amount of Clean Water Distributed in Early Dry Season

The dry season comes earlier this year, affecting many regions in Indonesia, especially in Java. To respond to this, ACT has been distributing clean water since early July. Hundreds of thousands of liters of clean water have benefited thousands of people across Indonesia.

ACTNews, JAKARTA - The dry season has arrived in several parts of Indonesia since May. The drought came earlier than the previous years. The rain has not been falling for days in several Indonesian regions, causing drought and water crisis that had not been anticipated by the local residents.

Responding to the situation, since the beginning of July, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has begun distributing clean water to various drought-stricken areas. As of July 17, 2019, ACT has distributed 198 thousand liters of clean water during the 2019 dry season.

Ryan Andriana Rachman from Global Zakat-ACT said that hundreds of thousands of liters of clean water were distributed to Lampung, Bali, and all areas in Java that are affected by drought. The clean water is distributed gradually to 12 regencies and cities that have had difficulties in getting clean water.

"We distribute the clean water to dozens of villages in 12 regencies and cities. In this clean water distribution, we involve 114 volunteers, assisted by the local governments and residents," Rachman explained, Thursday (7/18).

The latest distribution of clean water was done in Kampung Babakan, Warungjeruk Village, Tegalwaru subdistrict, Purwakarta. On Tuesday (7/16), eight thousand liters of clean water were given to 200 families who are affected by drought.

In this dry season, the wells of the residents of Babakan Village dry up, so they rely on the water from a nearby river. However, the river is located 1 kilometer away from the neighborhood, making it difficult for the residents to get clean water. They are also unable to water their rice fields, so, during the dry season, many of the local residents go to the capital city to get a job.

Until now, the water distribution is still going on. On Thursday (7/18), 75 thousand liters of clean water were distributed to Tanjungsari, Rongkop and Girisubo regions in Gunungkidul Regency. The regency has had difficulties in getting clean water due to drought since the beginning of the season.

At least 3,533 households consisting of 17,795 individuals have benefitted from the clean water distributed by ACT. They generally have difficulty getting clean water because their wells have dried up. They have to go to faraway places just for clean water.

In Rendang District, Karangasem, Bali, the residents also experienced clean water crisis. In early July, Arif Marsudi from the ACT Bali Program Team said that the residents living on the slopes of Mount Agung suffer from water crisis. They have to go down the mountain to get clean water. "The locals have to go through steep and winding roads to go faraway places to get clean water,” he said. []