Mbah Bini Tirelessly Works and Cares for Her Ill Son at 70

At the age of 70, Mbah Bini still has to peddle fried foods and crackers to pay for daily expenses and her son’s medications. For two years, her son has been suffering from a stroke.

mbah bini
Mbah Bini sells various kinds of fried foods near the mosque in Kampung Renteng and also peddles crackers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG REGENCY – At the age of 70, Mbah (grandmother) Bini is still working hard for her family. She admits that she is not as strong as she used to be, but somehow Mbah Bini is still able to carry a basket on her head that holds various types of fried foods that she sells. She peddles these fried foods to support her family.

"In the past, I sold rujak, but now I’m not strong enough to make it. Also, I have been busy taking care of my sick son and taking care of other matters. Fried foods and crackers are the only things I can sell. I sell them near the mosque, and sometimes peddle them," said the woman who lives in Renteng Hamlet, Oro Oro Ombo Village on Wednesday (12/22/2021).

Mbah Bini takes care of her son, who has been suffering from a stroke for the past two years. She takes care of him and pays for his medications with the help of her two other children who are already married.

"Now that I am safe, my only hope is just to be able to eat and for my son to be cured. At my age, I don’t ask for anything else," explained Mbah Bini.

Before the disaster, she earned up to IDR50,000 a day. Now, she earns less because her customers were also affected by the volcanic eruption.  

“In the aftermath of a natural disaster like this, my merchandise can barely be sold out because my customers were also affected by the disaster. If I don’t sell them out, I usually give them away,” said Mbah Bini.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) helps Mbah Bini's business to bounce back through the Business Capital Alms program with the hope that the business will grow so that it can pay for the treatment of Mbah Bini’s son. []

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