Mbah Isnain Enthusiastically Sells Lontong Cecek for Decades

With recipes passed down from generation to generation, Mbah Isnain (75) sells his homemade lotong cecek. He maintains his spirit even though he needs to work harder during this pandemic.

Mbah Isnain
Mbah Isnain peddles his sales in Tulangan District, Sidoarjo, by bicycle. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDOARJO – A recipe, passed down from generation to generation, has kept the taste of lontong cecek made by Mbah Isnain (75) unchanged. Mbah Isnain's business has run for the past 23 years.

Until now, Mbah Isnain still rides his bicycle around the Tulangan District, Sidoarjo Regency, selling his lontong cecek. Once in a while, he would take a break and parked his bike around the Tulangan Station to wait for buyers, Friday (10/1/2021) night.

During the pandemic, Mbah Isnain worked harder than usual, even into the night. Global Wakaf-ACT Sidoarjo immediately bought up his sales that day. "I am grateful for the help. Tonight, only five portions were sold. Thank you Global Wakaf-ACT,” said Mbah Isnain.

That night, Mbah Isnain was finally able to return home earlier than usual afterACT team bought his merchandise through Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program. Global Wakaf-ACT Sidoarjo team also gave a food package to help his daily food needs. 

“Mbah Isnain is the fifth trader in Sidoarjo who is the beneficiary of Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program. We hope for the support of all benefactors so that we can expand the benefits of this program and stimulate the enthusiasm of other MSME actors, especially in the Sidoarjo Raya area," concluded Abdi Candra Putra from the ACT Sidoarjo Program Team. []