Mbah Lastri's Simple Stall Becomes Her Main Source of Income

Mbah Lastri is now single after the death of her spouse and child. However, she can be thankful for her effort because she is no longer reliant on others.

Mbah Lastri
Mbah Lastri sells rice and rujak (fruit salad) in front of the house every day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LAMONGAN REGENCY – Mbah Lastri's small stall in front of her house proves her spirit is still blazing, despite her advanced age. She maintains a rice stall by herself in Madelugi Village, Sukodadi District, Lamongan Regency.

Mbah Lastri is now on her own. She formerly lived with her husband and their lone child and worked as a bamboo fan maker. Her husband died of lung cancer approximately 14 years ago.

"I decided to open a rice stall when my spouse died. My child helped me manage the business," Mbah Lastri said on Monday (3/21/2022).

Mbah Lastri's stall has been bustling with customers for a decade. Mbah Lastri was able to meet the necessities of herself and her child. Unfortunately, when the pandemic strikes, she gets fewer buyers.

Mbah Lastri and her child did everything to grow and maintain the stall. Her child, however, was unable to assist her because he died of typhus in 2020.

Mbah Lastri has to fend for herself at a modest stall after her child died. She has to go on with her life. Life's restrictions do not always cause her to moan. She uses appreciation as a source of energy.

"Alhamdulillah, the essential thing is that I have health and the ability to run my own business without relying on others," Mbah Lastri remarked. Hopefully, this program can help Mbah Lastri expand her business and form relations with other MSME owners.[]