Mbah Minah Lives Alone in An Uninhabitable Hut

Mbah Minah (81) admitted that she could not afford to pay for electricity. Hence, her house is dark at night.

Mbah Minah
Mbah Minah is no longer able to work hard due to her age and medical history. (ACTNews/Alan)

ACTNews, KEDIRI REGENCY – Mbah Minah (81) is living alone in her old age. She lives in West Klepu Hamlet, Parang Village, Banyakan District, Kediri Regency, in a simple house.

The house is 4 by 3 meters. Mbah Minah keeps her thin mat and a sack kapok pillow. Mbah Minah's kitchen wall is made of woven bamboo with holes in various places so that the wind can be felt when it blows. Leaks are also common when it rains heavily.

Mbah Minah’s house is dark. Her house has no lighting because she could not afford to pay for electricity. "How am I going to pay for the electricity? It is already difficult for me to meet my daily meal," She said this while holding back tears when they met on Thursday (3/3/2022).

Mbah Minah is unable to work because of heart disease and Covid-19. She receives remittances from children who live far away from where she is now for her daily needs. Because her children are also financially constrained, Mbah Minah cannot rely on them too much.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is now raising awareness to assist Mbah Minah. Yanuar from the ACT Kediri Program Team says he will make every effort to meet Mbah Minah's current needs, which include a decent house, food, and health care, among other things.

"We want to make Mbah Nah's dream come true. It may be normal for other people, but it is an extraordinary blessing for Mbah Nah, especially the house that has electricity and is suitable for old age. We hope that the generosity of philanthropists will enable Mbah Minah to realize her dream," said Yanuar. []