Meal Packages from Free Meal Operation to Underprivileged Residents in Parung Panjang

Hundreds of meal packages were distributed to impoverished residents including casual workers whose income has dropped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Free Meal Operation.
Beneficiaries admit that it is difficult for them to meet their daily needs during the pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  WEST BOGOR –  Free Food Operation continues to spread its benefits in various regions including West Bogor, Parung Panjang Village. Hundreds of meal packages were distributed to impoverished residents by Humanity Food Truck on Monday (7/26/2021).

The stone breakers also benefited from this action. They also said that their job is affected by the pandemic. Since last year, their income has decreased and it’s difficult for them to meet adequate food needs.

“If the trucks cannot operate due to the pandemic and Emergency PPKM, then we also cannot lift the stone to the trucks and we have no income to meet our needs. From this job, I get paid IDR 30 thousand per cubic meter of stone. I used to get 4 cubic meters of stone to lift and break per day, but during the pandemic I can only have 2 cubic meters. I have no other choice, all I have is my physical power to work,” said Mohtar, one of the stone breakers.

Mochtar (48) was very grateful for the assistance from Free Meal Operation because he could save his meal expense that day. Mohtar hopes for the action to be carried out again in his area.

Meal assistance was also distributed to small traders, orphans, and self-isolating residents in Parung Panjang. ACT team also worked together with volunteers and the local mosque committee for the assistance distribution.

Head of the local mosque committee (DKM) said that his party was very amazed by the arrival of Humanity Food Truck in his area. He admitted that it was his first time to see a truck with a kitchen in it.

“This vehicle is so amazing. They visit us out of concern for Parung Panjang residents. During this pandemic, many local residents have felt the impact of the decline in income, especially small traders. Once again, thank you very much ACT for the free meal assistance. Insha Allah, in the future, we can work well together again," said the Head of the Mosque Committee to ACT Team.[]