Medical Assistance for Ical, Earthquake Survivor Suffering from Broken Leg

Medical Assistance for Ical, Earthquake Survivor Suffering from Broken Leg

ACTNews, SIGI – Rizal Syahputra, colloquially known as Ical (10) spent a week in Undata Hospital, Palu. He underwent a surgery on Wednesday (10/31) after he met Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team in Sigi. The surgery went smoothly. Internal fixation devices have been implanted in his leg to heal his bone fracture.

Ical is the second of four siblings. His parents, Nawir (38) and Ayu (35) are farmers. At a tender age of ten, Ical has to suffer from broken leg after the earthquake shook his village in Bulubete Village, South Dolo sub-dustrict, Sigi Regency.

When the earthquake hit, Ical was getting ready to pray maghrib at his local mosque. Unfortunately, before he had a chance to perform the prayer, the earth shook violently. Along with his friends, Ical ran outside the mosque. Unluckily, his leg was hit by the collapsing mosque. Ical could only cry before someone finally rescued him.

Our first meeting with Ical was when ACT’s Medical and Psychosocial Support team from Sigi visited the earthquake survivors in Bulubate Village in late October. At that time, Ical came with his parents to get his leg examined.

The team was shocked to see Ical’s condition. For a month, Ical had not received proper medical treatment due to lack of knowledge and also because his parents did not have enough money.

“Ical’s broken leg was only massaged using traditional ointment,” said Mulyana, a medical personnel from ACT Medical Post in Sigi.

To prevent worse medical problem, Mulyana and other medical personnel brought Ical to Undata Hospital to be examined further. The doctor ordered Ical to undergo surgery two days later, Wednesday (10/31). Ical went under the knife, and internal fixation devices were implanted in his right thigh.

Mulyana mentioned that he and his colleagues from ACT medical team regularly monitored Ical’s condition. Due to the frequent interaction, Ical got very close to the ACT team. At times, Ical asked about the team members who didn’t come along to visit him.

When the team came to take him home on Monday (10/5), for instance, Ical was happy although he was being rather sulky after knowing that one of the ACT team members did not come along.

Ical has now returned to his village, but not to his house because it has been destroyed. It is impossible for him and his family to go back there. Ical now lives in a stilted hut made of tarpaulin and bamboo built by his father.

Mulyana stressed that his team and he will keep accompanying Ical during the post-surgery recovery, including taking him to the hospital for regular checkups until Ical is fully healed. “Insha Allah, on Thursday (11/8), we are taking Ical to the hospital for checkup. Ical’s parents have sent their best regards and deepest gratitude for ACT,” said Mulyana. []



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