Medical Assistance Urgently Needed by Gazan Residents

Heyam Al Motawaq and Hassan Shaban were among the Palestinians in Gaza who are in dire need of health care.

Illustration. The team of doctors from the Indonesian Clinic in Gaza perform medical treatment on a patient. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JABALIA - Heyam Al Motawaq (57) has been struggling with her illnesses for almost 30 years. She lives in Camp Jabalia in Gaza Strip.

One of Heyam's legs was amputated due to diabetes. She also has breast cancer and undergoes chemotherapy in the West Bank regularly. "I urgently need medical assistance. I need medicine and long-term follow-up," said Heyam to ACT partners in Gaza in January 2021.

In addition, Heyam and her family has also been living in poverty. As an IDP, she does not have an adequate source of income, leaving her dependent on humanitarian aid.

For a medical treatment, Heyam has to spend around USD 100 or IDR 1.4 million. This is too heavy for Heyam who has no source of income. "We can only depend on assistance. Please help us. May Allah bless you with good health, "said Heyam.

Heyam will need a wheelchair and a walker to improve her mobility.

Another Palestinian struggling with health conditions was Hassan Shaban. He has had diabetes and congestive heart failure for four years.

“I don't even have a bed and a wheelchair. I also really needed an oxygen cylinder because I am suffering from shortness of breath,” said Hassan. He also hoped that there will be generous people who help him. "Please don't forget us," Hassan hoped.

The Indonesian Clinic is one of the Aksi Cepat Tanggap programs that provides free health services to the people of Gaza. This program is supported by the generous donors. Several months ago, the operation of the Indonesian Clinic temporarily stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic and limited funds. []