Medical Careline Services Launches Motorcycle Ambulance and Mortuary Ambulance Soon

ACT's Covid-19 Medical Careline Services MCS innovates to launch Motor Ambulance and Mortuary Ambulance to maximize the best free health services for the community.

The Ambulance from ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) serves the needs of public health services. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has made people worry. On July 23, 2021, based on data from the Ministry of Health, there were 49,071 active cases of Covid-19, which increased the total number of cases to 3,082,410.

The impact is the increasing number of Covid-19 patients in each referral hospital and self-isolating people. Often, many people find it difficult to access adequate health services.

"Currently, the rate of increase in Covid-19 cases is getting higher, which makes hospitals become overcapacity and many health workers have passed away. Many of our brothers and sisters out there have limitations when they undergo self-isolation at home. They cannot go out to buy medicine and cannot obtain legitimate health information," said Coordinator of ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) Program, Dr. Arini Retno Palupi, in the "RFI Talk" broadcast on ACT TV, Friday (7/23/2021).

ACT's Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) has provided free health services in the form of doctor consultations, medicines, ambulance needs, and home care services accompanied by Doctors and Nurses from ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) Team.

Dr. Arini says ACT's Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) launches the latest health services, namely motorbike ambulances, and mortuary ambulances.

"Currently, we have two advanced ambulance units, which have been used for referring patients from home to hospital or for home care services. In addition, in the future, we will have a mortuary ambulance and a motorbike ambulance. These two vehicles are faster response units to reach all patients," concluded Dr. Arini.

Since July 6, Dr. Arini admitted that ACT's Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) helped the community, especially self-isolating residents.

 "Many people were surprised by this program. Once, someone asked me how much the cost of consultation, medicine, and delivery fee? I immediately answered that everything was free,” said Dr. Arini.

ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services is a free telemedicine service. This program aims not to burden the community regarding the cost of care or treatment. People can dial ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Service at number 6221-2940-7165. The service operates every day from 08.00 a.m till 04.00 p.m Western Indonesia Time.[]