Medical Staff at Dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Hospital Bekasi Immensely Grateful for Food Aid

Dr. Firdaus Jaya Permana stated, the aid given by ACT to the healthcare workers means so much as a form of moral support.

ACT Bekasi Branch Manager Ishaq Maulana handing over free lunch packages to a representative of RSUD Dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi City. (ACTNews/Fhirlian Rizqi)

ACTNews, BEKASI - Naizin rushed to leave the room where he was working in one of the buildings in the Dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Regional General Hospital in Bekasi City. This middle-aged man did not expect that he would receive aid that Friday (3/27).

Men who have devoted themselves for 25 years in RSUD dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi is one of two hundred beneficiaries of the Free Food Operations program which held by ACT Bekasi. Still wearing a surgical mask and a disposable nurse cap that was slightly wet because of his sweat, Naizin got to the desk where the Waqf Rice from Global Zakat – ACT was being distributed.

Carrying 5 kilograms of rice, Naizin felt grateful for the aid he received. "Alhamdulillah, I can’t say nothing but thank you. Once again, I am grateful for being given rice from ACT," said Naizin to the ACT team.

A total of 500 ready-to-eat food packages are ready to be distributed to medical personnel, doctors, and patients' families at RSUD Dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi City. (ACTNews / Fhirlian Rizqi)

Naizin was in charge of the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) at dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Hospital, Bekasi City. He prayed that the ACT team and the healthcare workers in charge of treating the COVID-19 patients be blessed with safety and health. "I pray that ACT volunteers and medical workers at the hospital will face no obstacles, and will always be blessed with proper health," hoped Naizin.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is felt by all parts of the society, especially medical workers who deal with COVID-19 patients. The free meal distribution from ACT for the medical workers was recognized as a significant form of moral support, as stated by a doctor from RSUD dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi City, Firdaus Jaya Permana.

"I thank you for your attention, especially to our fellow doctors and other staff members at Bekasi City Hospital. This is a form of moral support because we can’t value it materially. It is the moral support that makes us stronger here," explained Dr. Firdaus during the aid distribution.

He added that this assistance certainly boosts the spirit of the staff members in the hospital, especially the doctors. "May Allah protect us all. Once again, thank you ACT," said Dr. Firdaus.

The distribution of the free meals at RSUD dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi City was also attended by ACT Bekasi Branch Manager Ishaq Maulana, Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi, and Managing Director of RSUD Dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Bekasi City dr. Kusnanto.

ACT deployed the Humanity Food Truck and Humanity Rice Truck. A total of 500 meal packages and 1 ton of rice for 200 beneficiaries were distributed to healthcare workers and the surrounding community that Friday.

ACT Bekasi Branch Manager Ishaq Maulana said, the Free Meal Operation was held with the support of generous donors who is to continue assisting all parts of the society during COVID-19 emergency. "Insha Allah, we will continue to support all medical staff, underprivileged communities, and other groups who are also affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We also welcome anyone who wants to collaborate and channel their best donations through ACT. Together, let’s fight Corona," invited Ishaq. []