Medical Workers’ Struggle Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Since Persahabatan Hospital was appointed as one of the referral hospitals for COVID-19 patients, the activities became even busier at the hospital. Additional rooms have been prepared as COVID-19 patients continue to increase.

Persahabatan Hospital Staff receiving the Waqf Rice from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - "Now the rules are strict, nurses cannot freely leave the room," said Lilis Mujiati, a staff member of the Nutrition Section of the Persahabatan General Central Hospital, East Jakarta. Almost no nurses appeared as usual on Friday (3/20).

In addition to the stringent rules, the activities have also become busier since Pershabatan Hospital became a referral hospital for patients infected with the Coronavirus. They provide additional spaces for Covid-19 patients.

"After COVID-19 outbreak, RSUP Persahabatan became one of the referral hospitals. We initially provided a room for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the Cinere region. But after it became widespread, we provided additional space for COVID-19 patients. We limit the number of patients suffering from other diseases. We prioritize for COVID-19 patients because our hospital is a referral hospital. We still prioritize other patients, but we reduce the number," said Lilis Mujiati, a staff member of the Nutrition Department of Persahabatan Hospital.

COVID-19 is transmitted very quickly so the treatment must be extra, including to the healthcare workers who treat COVID-19 patients.

Meal packages from the Humanity Food Truck that were being packaged for healthcare workers  at PersahabatanHospital. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

"We are now much busier than usual because the treatment is special. The patients are placed in special rooms and treated by special medical workers. It does take extra energy. It happens in every department, especially the medical workers who especially deal with COVID-19 patients. In the nutrition department, we also take care of the food for COVID-19 patients as well as the medical workers because the medical workers and the patients both need good and extra intake of nutrients," said Lilis.

Kristian Haris, a non-medical worker at Persahabatan Hospital said, in addition to medical staff, non-medical staff at the hospital has also been increasingly busy since the spread of the COVID-19 in Indonesia.

“All workers here are busy, but we are trying our best so that the country can recover from this virus outbreak," said Kristian.

To help medical staff who are struggling at Persahabatan Hospital, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed around 700 meal packages from the Humanity Food Truck and 100 packages of Waqf Rice from the Humanity Rice Truck. This action was expected to help medical workers who are currently fighting the Coronavirus.

"We are grateful, Alhamdulillah, for receiving assistance. We will distribute these packages to the healthcare workers, especially those exposed (to the COVID-19 patients). If the amount is enough, we will give it to all workers. Although they may not be exposed, they are in this environment too. We have received a lot of assistance, including from ACT today and we are also grateful, "said Lilis.

The aid distribution had been carried out since Thursday (3/19) at Persahabatan Hospital. Similar aid distribution also took place at Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital (RSPI), North Jakarta. Additionally, ACT also distributed PPE packages on Friday (3/20) to the Marine Hospital, Cilandak, South Jakarta. []