Mekarwangi Hamlet’s Residents are Grateful as Baiturrohman Mosque to be Renovated

Since its construction in 1982, Baiturrohman Mosque is never renovated.

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Gratitude and joy were apparent on faces of Mekarwangi Hamlet’s residents. The hamlet, located in Mandalahurip Village, Jatiwaras Sub-district, Tasikmalaya, was visited by Global Wakaf on Friday (6/14). Global Wakaf visited with a news that Baiturrohman Mosque would be rebuilt.

Built in 1982, Baiturrohman Mosque was the first mosque in Mekarwangi Hamlet. Until now, the mosque had never undergone any renovation, despite being frequently visited by worshippers. Beyond a house of worship, Baiturrohman Mosque was also a center of learning for Mekarwangi Hamlet’s residents.

“Alhamdulillah, in the name of Mekarwangi residents, I convey my gratitude. We are so joyful that we will have a proper mosque immediately. We will feel comfortable in worshiping, not afraid that the building will collapse while we pray,” Zaelani, leader of the hamlet, revealed.

After finishing some license and every process, Global Wakaf will rebuild Baiturrohman Mosque in late June. Beside mosque building, supporting facilities such as bathroom and worship equipment will also be renovated and renewed.

“Considering worship equipment was inadequate, we hope our caring friends would pray for us and this renovation to run smoothly,” Taufik Perdana as Branch Manager of Global Wakaf Tasikmalaya, closed.