Menah, a Palestinian Child Struggling with Blood Cancer

For three years, the five-year-old Palestinian girl has been struggling with blood cancer (leukemia), She has to periodically be treated in hospitals.

Menah, a Palestinian Child Struggling with Blood Cancer' photo

ACTNews, RAFAH - Earlier this September, the youngest daughter of Ramzy and Bahader Alhaw was finally five years old. The Alhaw family was very grateful for Menah’s fifth birthday. As a child suffering from blood cancer, Menah needs continuous health care.

Bahader Alhaw (33), Menah's mother, said that the family need help from benefactors to help with her daughter’s medical treatments. She stated that their family has difficulty to fulfill their daily needs. "Our situation is very difficult. We appeal to the generous people to help supporting the needs of our daughter, Menah, for example, medicine, food, and transportation which costs a lot," explained Bahader.

The Alhaw family often has to walk for miles from the house to the hospital because they did not have money. "Within a week we have to go to the hospital four times," Bahader continued. It costs them 7 USD to get to the hospital.

Alhaw's family situation worsened after Ramzy Alhaw (37), head of the family, is no longer employed. He was injured after the recent conflict which broke out near Rafah where they live.

Besides Menah, Alhaw's family also has a boy who has a head disorder. To make it worse, eight family members must live in an inadequate house. "The condition is terrible and not all parts of the house are livable," Ramzy said. Under these circumstances, the Alhaw family continues to survive.

Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT team hopes that many benefactors will continue to spread their kindness throughout the world. "We hope that many will continue to open their hearts to help our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world, one of which is Palestine," Said remarked. []


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