Meylani’s Struggle Keeping Her Tuition Center throughout Pandemic

For Meylani, it was difficult to give private tutoring from house to house during the pandemic. Therefore, she utilized her rented room as a class for tutoring her students.

Waqf for MSMEs.
Meylani plans to facilitate her tutoring students with new tables and a whiteboard. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL JAKARTA – When the Covid-19 pandemic began to hit Indonesia, Meylani (41) was about to lose her income. Previously, she provided private tutoring from house to house. However, since the pandemic, many of her students’ parents stopped their children’s tutoring sessions due to activity restrictions.

“Since our activities were very restricted, hence I set my rented room into a tuition center for my students,” said Meylani when visited by Global Wakaf-ACT in her rented room, Harapan Mulya Village, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta, Saturday (9/4/2021).

Although there were not many students wanted to take tutoring at the beginning of the pandemic, Meylani still tried her best to keep her tuition center business. She used a room in her rented room as a class during the day which will turn to her resting place at night.

Over time, the pandemic is now quite under control, and the children’s educational needs around Meylani’s neighborhood are also increased along with Meylani's students who learn at her tuition center. Therefore, she decided to move to a more decent rented house.

Alhamdulillah, currently my tutoring sessions have been started again at my new rented house. I plan to purchase a new whiteboard and tables to facilitate my students. However, currently, I still use my tutoring income to meet my family’s daily needs,” said Meylani.

Global Wakaf-ACT expresses their support for Meylani’s effort in fulfilling her needs and teaching the children around her neighborhood. Through Waqf for MSMEs, Global Wakaf-ACT delivered capital business assistance to Meylani.

Meylani was very happy with the assistance from benefactors. “Thank you Global Wakaf-ACT for the assistance. This blessing really comes at the right time. I will use it to develop my tuition center business,” said Meylani.[]