Milah’s Selfless Dedication for 21 Years

Milah (45) has been teaching religious sciences to children in Rancakuya, Sukamantri Village, Ciawi District, Tasikmalaya Regency for 21 years without receiving any salary. She lives off the donation from the students’ guardians. The only thing that keeps her going is her sincerity and in doing goodness and relentless faith.

Milah received financial assistance from the generous philanthropists mandated through ACT. (ACTNews / Gilang Mauli Anwar)

ACTNews, TASIKMLAYA - Global Zakat - ACT Tasikmalaya continues to provide financial assistance to MDTA Miftahul Ulum in Rancakuya, Sukamantri Village, Ciawi District, Tasikmalaya Regency through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (Friends of Indonesian Teachers). This time, the financial assistance was given to Sihabul Milah (45), a mother who has dedicated herself as a teacher at a local elementary school. She has also been teaching Quran for kindergarteners to high school students for 21 years without being paid.

Her sincerity and relentless faith has kept her spirit high despite receiving no salary. Milah has to support six of her school-age children alone after her husband passed away six years ago. To make ends meet, she depends on donations from her students’ parents and guardians. Hence, she has no a certain source of income.

"I am fully confident that when we are doing good, Allah will open doors of sustenance for each of His servants. Alhamdulillah, although I have dependants, my sustenance will always come. For 21 years, I have been reaching because of my love for children and the field of education,” she said, Monday (8/17).

For her extraordinary dedication, Global Zakat - ACT Tasikmalaya gave her financial assistance as a form of appreciation through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program. Milah was very grateful for the assistance given to her.

"Incidentally, this afternoon, I was thinking that I need money for my children’s tuitions. I am sure Allah will provide sustenance, and now you’re here giving me help through this program. May Allah repay ACT and the donors who have been kind to help,” said Milah, holding her tears.

At the moment of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence, M. Fauzi Ridwan of Global Zakat – ACT Tasikmalaya invited the community to care about teachers who are living in poverty.

"Because from these teachers’ dedication, future great leaders of the country will emerge. We hope this kindness can continue, and we are inviting generous people to continue supporting economically underprivileged teachers through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program. You can support us by donating directly to BNI Syariah account number 99 0000 568 in the name of Global Zakat Foundation. May Allah make it easy for everyone to do good, "said Fauzi. []