Minang Community Builds Mosque in Mamuju Earthquake Affected Area

Babussalam Mosque in Mamuju is back up and running after a five-month construction period following the earthquake. The Minang community generously provided the worship center once more.

Minang Dermawan
Minang Dermawan builds mosque in Mamuju. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAMUJU – The magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck Mamuju and several other areas in West Sulawesi in early 2021 damaged not only people's houses but also public facilities such as mosques. One of them is Babussalam Mosque in Tampomea Hamlet, Orobatu Village, Tapalang, Mamuju. Following the earthquake, residents constructed an emergency mosque out of improvised materials. Hence, they could continue to worship together.

Imam Rawatib of Babussalam Mosque, Ustaz Hasanuddin (67), said the mosque was meaningful to locals. Not without reason, people's worship activities have been centered at Babussalam Mosque since it was founded eight years ago.

"Residents no longer have proper and safe places of worship since the mosque was damaged by the earthquake," Ustaz Hasanuddin said.

Now, locals can perform worship again at Babussalam Mosque. ACT team and locals inaugurated the mosque on Friday (1/14/2022). Locals happily welcomed the new mosque. They also served traditional snacks and held Friday prayers. Representatives of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), West Sumatra Provincial Government, Agam Regent Andri Warman, Padang City Government, Minang Family Association, and West Sulawesi Provincial Government also attended the inauguration of this community worship center.

The re-establishment of Babussalam Mosque, according to Sri Eddy Kuncoro of the ACT team, was a tangible manifestation of the generosity of the people of West Sumatra through the Minang Dermawan movement. They inaugurated the mosque after a five-month rebuilding period.

Facilities at Babussalam Mosque, Mamuju. (ACTNews)

"The benefits of waqf, which the people of West Sumatra are currently paying for, have been felt deeply by relatives separated by thousands of kilometers. All of this is made possible by the Minang Dermawan movement, which hopefully serves as an inspiration for other good things," He elaborated.

In addition to the structure, Minang Dermawan's generosity provided sanitation facilities for the mosque. The Sijunjung Teacher Learning Community generously built this facility. []