Mobility Impairment Never Stops Ustaz Udiono from Maintaining His Mosque

Despite his disabilities, Ustaz Udiono never loses spirit to continue preaching and maintaining the mosque.

ustaz Udiono
Ustaz Udiono sweeps the mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BENGKALIS – Ustaz Udiono has mobility impairment, but he is never tired in preaching and maintaining the house of God. Every day, he preaches and teaches Quran at a mosque at Desa Petani in Bengkalis Regency.

Ustaz Udiono's left leg was amputated in 2017 due to a neurological disease. Since then, Ustaz Udiono has only one leg that does not function properly. To help him with his mobility, Ustaz Udiono has relied on the help of his son.

“It began with a pinched nerve, but it was getting worse day by day. My leg was amputated, and now I can walk on my own. Thanks to my son’s help, it’s not a problem,” said Ustaz Udiono, Thursday (8/12/021).

Besides preaching and teaching the Quran, Ustaz Udiono also takes care of the mosque. He is paid IDR 800,000 a month for his service. To him, such an amount of money is not enough to make ends meet without assistance from the local residents.

"Without additional assistance for the local residents, IDR 800,000 is not enough. I have been able to make ends meet because many of the locals often donate to me. My job at the mosque is to sweep, clean up the mosque, teach the Quran, and teach at the Islamic learning circle for men," he said.

For him, the main intention of his service is to maintain the mosque and to convey the truth of Islam as Allah has commanded.

To ease Ustaz Udiono's burden, Global Zakat-ACT provided living expenses assistance from the donors, Thursday (8/12/2021). For this assistance, Ustaz Udiono was grateful. He thanked the donors who have allotted some of their wealth to help him. []