Mongolian Muslims in Bayan-Olgii Need Assistance to Face Winter

At the peak of winter, the temperatures in Mongolia can plummet up to minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius. To help poor Mongolian Muslims in Bayan-Olgii who live in poverty, coal assistance is needed to fuel their heaters.

Coal aid for Muslims in Mongolia in 2019. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MONGOLIA – Mongolia is a country in Central Asia whose temperature can drop drastically at the peak of winter in December. Based on data compiled by the Global Humanity Response (GHR) team from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), the temperatures at the peak of winter in Mongolia can plummet to minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

To get through the freezing winter, the Mongolians rely heavily on coal to fuel their room heaters. However, over the years, the price of coal continues to rise. The poor residents in Bayan Olgii Province find it difficult to get their coal supplies.

Said Mukaffiy from the GHR-ACT team said the need for coal has increased drastically since early October at the beginning of winter. Unfortunately, the poor residents of the city of Olgii don’t have enough supplies to get them through winter.

Without the proper heating and food supplies, winter could be too harsh for impoverished Muslim families in Bayan-Olgii. “In winter, many poor families often starve because they cannot work. Hence, the assistance from the community is expected to alleviate their hardship,” hoped Said, Tuesday (12/14/2021).

Since 2018, ACT has delivered up to 500 tons of coal to poor Muslim families in Olgii. “We hope that this year we can help them again through our generosity channeled through Aksi Cepat Tanggap,” Said added. []