Mongolians Grateful for Food Packages in this Cold Ramadan

Food Packages were distributed to the Muslim Mongolians in Ulgii

ACTNews, ULGII – Bidai’s smile spread wide as she held a big sack of flour on one hand and carried her toddler child on the other hand. Two of her children were helping her to get the olive oil given by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team. Amidst the 10 Degree Celsius temperature in Ulgii, the beneficiaries’ hearts were filled with gratefulness as they received the food packages.

“Thank you for sending aid from across the sea (in Indonesia) to us in Mongolia. Our family has received your aid. I have seven children at home, and we have no breadwinner. We really appreciate this aid,” said Bidai when receiving the food aid on Sunday (5/26).

Not only flour and olive oil, Bidai’s family also received ten kilograms of potato, a big bag of pasta, and sugar.

Bidai’s family was one of the 110 families that received food packages from ACT on that day. The food distribution that took place from May 26 to 27 targeted poor families, single mothers, orphans, and children with disabilities in Ulgii.

Another beneficiary was Almagul who has lost her husband a long time ago. She was grateful for the aid from ACT because it helps them to get through the month of Ramadan.

“My brothers and sisters, I wish for a happy Ramadan to you all. I am a single mother who has lived for 18 years without my husband since he passed away. Thank you for your charitable action for us. Once again, thank you. May Allah bless you and your Ramadan,” said Almagul.

Sucita Ramadinda of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT stated that, not only food packages, the Mongolian Muslims in Ulgii have also received iftar packages this Ramadan.

“On Saturday (5/26), we started the iftar distribution in Mongolia. We plan to distribute 150 packages each day, targeting to distribute 1,050 packages in total for a week in Mongolia, including Ulgii,” said Ramadinda, Wednesday (5/29).

Previously, ACT has distributed aid for Ulgii. The teams distributed coal aid in Ulgii to fuel their room warmers during winter when the temperature could drop below zero degree Celsius.

This freezing winter has posed a problem for the residents of Ulgii. With most of them work as animal herders, their productivity decreases in winter as they can’t graze their animals. This has negatively affected the locals’ financial condition. []