More Water Wells Built in Gunungkidul as Rainy Season Approaches

More Water Wells Built in Gunungkidul as Rainy Season Approaches

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA – In recent weeks, it has been raining in Yogyakarta as the rainy season finally comes in the Yogyakarta province, including Gunungkidul Regency. Although it has been raining in all sub-districts, Unfortunately, Gunungkidul is still affected by water crisis.

“In fact, the wells are still dry. But the rain that has been falling in November can at least fulfill the locals’ water reservoirs for their daily needs. The drought and water crisis is still an annual problem that they have to deal with every dry season,” said Kharis, Program Coordinator of Global Wakaf Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) branch. 

To respond to the water crisis in Special Region of Yogyakarta, especially in Gunungkidul, Global Wakaf DIY has been distributing clean water since July. Additionally, waqf water-wells were also dug as a long-term solution to solve the water crisis that affects Yogyakarta. These water wells supply water to drought-affected areas in Yogyakarta and Gunungkidul.

In late November, another Waqf Water-Well is about to be dug in Dringo Hamlet, Girijati Village, Purwosari Sub-District, Gunungkidul. Dringo Hamlet were among the badly-affected areas when the drought hit Gunungkidul. For more than six months, the villagers in Dringo had to take water from a water source licated 1-2 kilometers from the settlement area.

“There have been 13 water wells built by Global Wakaf, 11 of them are located in 8 sub-districts in Gunungkidul,” said Kharis.

He further added that the construction of the wells was very well-received by the villagers. “Alhamdulillah, in November, the 14th waqf well will be dug in Dringo Hamlet. The locals were enthusiastic about the construction of the waqf well in their hamlet,” Kharis added.

Hariyadi, the head of Dringo Hamlet, expressed his thankfulness and immense gratitude for the well. “We hope that the well can be a solution to the water crisis in Dringo Hamlet,” said Hariyadi.

Insha Allah, Waqf water wells will bring the blessings in the form of clean water not only for the people of Yogyakarta, but also for others in Indonesia who are affected by water crisis. The waqf water-well is one of Global Wakaf’s productive waqf projects to improve the welfare of the community. []



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