Mosque Caretaker in Sukabumi Hopes for a Decent, Livable House

Badrudin, a mosque caretaker in Sukabumi, lives in an inadequate house. Even so, it does not weaken his spirit in taking care of the mosque.

house for badrudin
Badrudin's house are made of woven bamboo. Many of the roof tiles are almost falling down, making the roof leaking and unable to protect him from rain. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI — Badrudin believes that his job as a caretaker of a mosque is a noble one because mosques are the houses of Allah. He finds his calling in taking care of these houses of worship. Every day, he works at a mosque near his house in Karangjaya Village, Gegerbitung District, Sukabumi Regency.

Behind his patience and unwavering spirit in taking care of the mosque, his own house is a barely livable one. Muchlis of the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Branch of Sukabumi said the 6-by-4 meters house has only one room that serves as Badrudin’s living room and bedroom.

"So, when there are guests, Badrudin entertains them in the room where he and his family sleep," explained Muchlis, Thursday (5/19/2022).

The walls are made of fragile woven bamboo sheets. The roof tiles are almost falling, making the water leaks every time it rains.

“At night, the wind also blows through the walls. Even Badrudin's house stands on land belonging to a private company. He can be evicted at any time,” he said.

The view of Badrudin's house from the back. (ACTNews)

For an additional income, Badrudin raises several chickens and ducks. With an uncertain and mediocre income, added Muchlis, it is very difficult for Badrudin to buy land and build a house for his family.

"Although his economy is difficult, Badrudin never gives up and remains passionate about taking care of the mosque and inviting people to pray. He hopes that, someday, he will be able to build a decent house,” added Muchlis.

Seeing this condition, the ACT Greater Sukabumi Team invites donors to take part in their efforts to help build Badrudin's house so that Badrudin can live comfortably and happily with his family.

"For you who want to contribute, you can access the Indonesia Dermawan website. Hopefully, our campaign can help realize Mr. Badrudin's dream," Muchlis hoped. []