Mosque Congregants in Makassar Give Foodstuffs for Food Alms Gathering Point

In Makassar, the congregants of Mardhiyyah Mosque in the local government complex in Rappocini District, Makassar City, work together to support the needy by providing foodstuffs through the Food Alms Gathering Point.

Al-Mardhiyah Mosque congregants provide foodstuffs for the needy through the Food Alms Gathering Point located at the mosque that is currently under renovation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAKASSAR - The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the society, even leading to economic recession. However, there’s still a lesson of caring for one another during this adverse time.

In Makassar, Al-Mardhiyah mosque congregants work together to help the needy. They all chip in to buy foodstuffs to be placed on the Food Alms Shelves.

On Friday (10/16), the Food Alms Gathering Point run by ACT South Sulawesi, supported by the congregants at Al-Mardhiyah Mosque, provided foodstuffs for the surrounding communities.

Suharni, one of the congregants who coordinated the provision of the foodstuffs for the Food Alms Gathering Point, was very grateful to be involved in this activity. “Alhamdulillah, the Food Alms Gathering Point at Mardhiyah Mosque in Makassar can run smoothly, thanks to the support from the mosque board. We hope that this program will be sustainable in order to provide food for the community, especially for the needy around the mosque,” she hoped.

Until now, the Food Alms Gathering Points are still running to provide foodstuffs for those in need. Anyone can contribute to the provision of food through the Food Alms Gathering point.

If you wish to contribute in this activity, you can donate through the Indonesia Dermawan Website or to Bank Sulselbar bank account at 5100 5321 0417 1658 or BNI Syariah at 777 1659 997. []