Motorbike Assistance Supports Safrudin’s Effort to Educate Students in Waemaras Village

To reach his teaching place which is quite far in the Waemaras Village, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Safrudin has to walk or hitchhike with other teachers. To support his enthusiasm in teaching, Global Zakat-ACT delivered motorbike assistance to Safrudin.

Safrudin teaches more than 40 students.
Currently, Safrudin teaches more than 40 students. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MANGGARAI – Every day, Safrudin walks from his house to the Nurussaadah Islamic Elementary School where he teaches. The school is in Waemaras Urban Village, Terong Village, West Mese Districts, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, around two kilometers from his house. Sometimes, he hitchhikes his fellow teacher's vehicle if they accidentally meet on the way.

From his current job, Safrudin receives IDR 500 thousand of income which is only given once in three months. “Therefore, buying a vehicle is not my priority. My priority is my family’s daily needs that need to be fulfilled,” said Safrudin to the Global Zakat-ACT volunteer in Manggarai, last May. From his income, Safrudin has to support the life of his three children and his wife.

The motorbike handover from Global Zakat-ACT to Safrudin. (ACTNews)

Earlier this month, Global Zakat-ACT delivered the mandate of the muzakki (Muslims who are obliged to pay zakat) in a form of motorbike assistance for the teacher on the outer island. On Sunday (5/24/2021), Bobby Sandra from Global Zakat-ACT Team explained that motorbike assistance is one of the programs echoed by the Global Zakat-ACT to support the teaching spirit of teachers in rural areas.

Apart from Safrudin, there is another teacher who will receive assistance in East Nusa Tenggara. Apart from motorbike assistance, the Global Zakat-ACT is also supporting the life of teachers in the Nurussaadah Islamic Elementary School through financial assistance from the Friends of Indonesian Teachers Program.

Insha Allah, there will be benefactors who are interested in supporting the classroom addition project in Nurussaadah Islamic Elementary School. In the future, apart from the regular programs to empower the teachers, we also hope to be able to renovate the school,” hoped Bobby.[]