Mount Merapi Drops Hot Clouds, Ash Rain at Several Points

Mount Merapi showed its activities once more. From Wednesday to Thursday morning, several hot clouds had been observed falling. At times, ash rain fell from the sky.

hot clouds
Experts monitor hot clouds from Merapi avalanches on Wednesday (3/9/2022). (Twitter: BPPTKG)

ACTNews,  MAGELANG, SLEMAN, AND KLATEN – Mount Merapi, on the border of Central Java and DI Yogyakarta, had been recorded emitting hot clouds several times since Wednesday (3/9/2022) until Thursday morning. Hot cloud slides reached as far as 5000 meters to the southeast. As a result of this condition, ash rain fell on several villages in Magelang's Dukun and Sawangan Districts. In Glagaharjo, Cangkringan District, Sleman, experts observed ash rain.

Residents in vulnerable areas self-evacuated due to the hot clouds falling. Residents from Kalitengah Lor Hamlet and Glagaharjo Village gathered in Sleman at the Merapi Terrace and the Kalitengah Kidul T-junction, Cangkringan. Those who carry out the evacuations are typically from vulnerable groups.

The emergency response team evacuated residents from vulnerable groups in Balerante Village, Kemalang, Klaten. Sri Winoto, the Head of BPBD for Klaten Regency, said 60 people had self-evacuated to the village hall in response to the Merapi activity last night. However, experts did not observe any ash or other material in Klaten.

"In dealing with this incident, residents are being asked to respond calmly and not panic," Winoto said.

Merapi has been declared on alert since November 5, 2020. Activities have increased several times, prompting residents in the volcano's vicinity to increase their vigilance. []