Movement of Kindness in North Jakarta to Help the Palestinians’ Struggle

An alms movement initiated by several communities in North Jakarta brings a good impact. Donations worth tens of millions of rupiah would be distributed to the occupied Palestinians.

The donation handover for Palestine.
The donation handover for Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The current Palestinian condition is very saddening. The Israeli strikes have caused hundreds of fatalities including children and women. In Palestine, there is no safe place from the Israeli occupation.

Seeing this condition, various elements of Indonesian people were moved to help. Even though they are thousands of kilometers apart, it wasn’t an excuse for them not to help the colonized nation. In North Jakarta, a movement to support Palestine was initiated by Majlis Taklim As-Syakirin, Sahabat Masjid Indonesia (SMI), Komunitas Masyarakat Santri (KOMAS), Forum Santri Jakarta (FSJ), and the As Suada Mosque. Through this movement, the members have raised funds to help the Palestinians.

In the first stage, this donation movement from North Jakarta managed to raise nearly IDR 36 million in funds. The funds are channeled through ACT to support various humanitarian programs in Palestine. "Insha Allah, there will be the second phase of donation that will be allocated to brothers and sisters in Palestine," explained Abeh as the person in charge of the fundraising.

KH. Noor Shofa, an ulema figure, said that this donation was carried out as a form of solidarity from the Indonesian people for the Palestinians’ struggle of the Palestinian. Apart from prayers, the Indonesian people strive to give their best for the sustainability of the country which was once the first Qibla place for Muslims.

“Hopefully, this fundraising activity can motivate us to be a helpful person for those in need, especially our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” said KH. Noor Shofa at the donation handover through ACT North Jakarta, Monday (5/17/2021).

In Palestine, ACT doesn’t only carry out the humanitarian mission during the Israeli aggression. Regularly, various programs continue to be carried out such as the health services through the Indonesian Medical Clinic and Ambulance, food packages through the Indonesian Humanitarian Center, and the Waqf Water Well construction to resolve the water crisis in Palestine. Now, in the increasing aggression from the Israeli forces, ACT also increases their assistance distribution from the Indonesian people through the branch of ACT in Gaza.

“We would like to express our gratitude to all the benefactors who care for the Palestinian people. Insha Allah, this movement will bring a new spirit to the community in helping our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine," said the Branch Manager of ACT North Jakarta Mohammad Irfan.[]