MRI-ACT Riau Visit Flood-Affected Areas in Riau

MRI-ACT Riau Visit Flood-Affected Areas in Riau

ACTNews, RIAU - Indonesian Bureau of Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics has advised Indonesian public to be careful of the bad weather that has been threatening in recent week. In their official release, they informed that the significant movement of the cold aid mass from Asia in recent days causes the increase of rainfalls throughout Indonesia. In the weather report published on Monday (12/10), they also warned that this phenomenon may cause floods and landslides in Sumatera and Java.

The impacts of the heavy rains can be seen in a number of regions in Sumatera where floods and landslides have hit several locations, including Riau Province. The floods inundated a number of sub-districts in Kampar, Suantan Singigi and Indragiri Huku Regencies. Responding to this situation, emergency response team of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Riau immediately went to the flood-affected areas.

On Tuesday (12/11), the team visited Gunung Sahilan Sub-District in Kampar Regency. According to Manahan Nasution, Coordinator of MRI Riau Volunteers, the flood in Gunung Sahilan Sub-District was slowly receding when his team got there. “The flood was caused by the overflowing river. When our team arrived, the flood had started to recede although the current was still quite strong,” explained Nasution.    

Nasution added that the flood in Gunung Sahilan Sub-District happens annually. When the team was on the location, the flood was still inundating the front yards of approximately 50 houses, reaching the height of around 50-70 centimeters. A number of the locals who live in stilted houses chose to stay inside. They use boats for their daily transport, for example, to take children to school and to go shopping.

“Because it happens every year, they have had their boats ready for their daily transport. This is also because most of the residents work as fishermen,” explained Nasution.

The team also visited Pangean and Cerenti Sub-Districts in Kuantan Singigi Regency as well as Pasir Penyu Sub-District in Indragiri Hulu Regency on Wednesday (12/12). In Pangean, a number of farmers suffered from crop failure because their farmlands were flooded. In Petalingan Inhu, the flood drowned the main access to the village.

To alleviate their hardship, MRI-ACT Riau team donated food supplies for the flood victims. 145 kilograms of rice and 50 liters of cooking oil were distributed in Gunung Sahilan and Cerenti.

“We gave groceries to the locals who live in villages to which the access was drowned. They could not go out due to the deluge, and the distance from their houses to the city is also quite far away,” explained Nasution. Additionally, MRI-ACT Riau team also opened public kitchen for the villagers whose access to food was blocked.

“We will do some other visits to the people in some sub-districts in Kampar Regency,” explained Nasution. []



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