MRI Binjai and Many Communities Raise Funds for Semeru Survivors

Assistance for Semeru continues to come from various circles and places. One of them was from MRI and many communities in Binjai. The team raised funds to help the survivors of Mount Semeru Eruptions.

MRI Binjai
A MRI Binjai volunteer raises funds for Semeru survivors. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BINJAI – Donations for the survivors of the Semeru eruption continue to flow. It comes not only from people in the area around Mount Semeru but also from people throughout Indonesia.

Volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Binjai, North Sumatra, are one of them. They raised funds from many communities and road passers-by. Since Monday (12/6/2021), the team has started the fundraising and will continue for a week in two places, namely the Tugu Binjai Intersection and the Junction in front of the Office of Mayor Binjai.

"This action is also open to people who want to take part in goodness," said Adnan from MRI Binjai team, Thursday (12/9/2021).

So far, many communities have also been involved in this action to raise funds, such as Komunitas Motor Biscooid, komunitas pecinta alam, Komunitas Konco Dolan, Himma Islam Budi Daya, and so on.

“We carry out this action with the hope that the Binjai people can participate in good deeds. Kindness is not limited by anything, including distance," added Adnan.

Until now, the eruption of Semeru has killed tens of people, and thousands more have become survivors in several evacuation camps. It also damaged many facilities, such as houses, worship places, and schools.

Apart from food aid, ACT also prepares the construction of integrated comfortable housing (ICS) for survivors to live temporarily in a much more comfortable place.[]