MRI Central Java Establishes Medical Post for Genuk Flood Victims

MRI Central Java Establishes Medical Post for Genuk Flood Victims

ACTNews, SEMARANG – High rain intensity and rising tide have been two main causes of the annual flood in Semarang. Among the affected areas is Trimulyo Village in Genuk Sub-District in Semarang. Located on coastal area, the village has been inundated by tidal flood each year. Based on the observation by Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Central Java, the village has been flooded for seven days this December 2018.

Not only causing hardships to the locals, the flood is also causing health problems. Therefore, MRI Central Java established a medical post on Monday (12/10). The post was managed by a team consisting of two doctors, two pharmacists, a nurse and a general assistant.  

Chairman of MRI Central Java, Giyanto, reported that the medical post was established in RW 1 Neighborhood. Approximately 50 villagers came to be treated. In this medical post, they were examined and given medications to alleviate their illnesses.    

“The locals who came here suffer from multiple illnesses. Most of them suffer from itchiness caused by fungi and bacteria. Some of them also suffered from dizziness, cough, flu and sore muscles,” said Giyanto.

He further mentioned that MRI Central Java’s medical services were greatly appreciated by Deputy Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryati, who visited the flood-affected locations. According to Gunaryati, medical assistance is very much needed in Trimulyo which is affected by the flood.

Anggi Vita Selma Siyani, one of the volunteers, explained that the locals suffer from health problems every time a flood happens. “The diseases that afflict the flood victims are quite typical, such as itchiness and pain in the back of head that marks psychological exhaustion. The children mostly suffer from cough and flu,” she added.

Siyani also added that on Wednesday (12/12) the flood has receded. The local government has prepared a number of machines to pump the water.

MRI Central Java is currently preparing for the post-disaster phase. Siyani added that there are more diseases that can spread after the flood. “MRI Central Java is preparing for post-disaster recovery programs. Based on experience, after a natural disaster, the victims will suffer from trauma, especially for children. Apart from healthcare, we will also provide psychosocial support on four locations in three places: Semarang City, Demak Regency and Pekalongan Regency,” said Siyani. []



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