MRI Distributes 1945 Portions of Free Meal in Jepara

MRI Jepara volunteers distributed 1945 portions of ready-to-eat meals to residents as a form of care for each other in the moment of independence day and the covid-19 pandemic.

MRI Jepara
Distribution of ready-to-eat meals from MRI Jepara to casual workers, orphans, and mosque caretakers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JEPARA – Commemorating Indonesian independence day, people used to celebrate with various competitions as a way to remember the struggle of heroes. However, this is the second year our nation cannot celebrate Indonesian independence because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government recommended celebrating independence at home in other ways.

Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Jepara volunteers did not hold competitions on Independence Day but shared ready-to-eat meals through Free Meal Operation program. The team distributed 1945 portions of ready-to-eat food to impoverished residents and daily workers.

"This time is the month of Indonesia's independence. Therefore, we choose the number of portions that are the same as the year of independence," said Mahmud Syifaudin, Head of MRI Jepara, Monday (8/23/2021).

There were 55 MRI Jepara volunteers involved in this Free Meal Operation. They were divided into various tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, and distribution. To serve thousands of servings of these ready-to-eat meals, MRI Jepara opened public kitchens in three locations: Margoyoso Village for the southern region of Jepara, Sukodono Village for the central part of Jepara, and Bumiharjo Village for the northern area.

"We hope that this program can ease the burden on the community, especially those affected by Emergency PPKM. Cheers to everyone! Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon," said Syifaudin.[]