MRI Volunteers Actively Work to Evacuate Residents Trapped in Flood

MRI volunteers in Jakarta had to be on standby following the flood that hit on Tuesday (2/25) morning. They left their daily routines just to be able to rescue the flood victims.

MRI Central Jakarta volunteers rescuing a woman and her child in Petamburan on Tuesday (2/25) afternoon. In Petamburan, the flood reached the height of an adult’s neck. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - A rubber boat with a capacity of four people was used by Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Central Jakarta team on Tuesday (2/25) to evacuate residents trapped by flooding in the Petamburan area. This small boat was used to reach houses in the narrow alleys. Wearing safety helmets and vests, the volunteers rescued the residents who were trapped by the flood.

Suhaeni was one of the residents who was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon by MRI Central Jakarta team. After a day of staying on the second floor of her house, Suhaeni chose to evacuate to a safer place.

"I have a small child. I can’t let them stay home. The flood is not receding. Now, I just want to evacuate," Suhaeni said while carrying Anisa, her four-month-old infant. She evacuated to her relatives' house in Palmerah.

Suhaeni's house is located in the small alley on Jalan Petamburan III, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. Suhaeni did not expect that the flood on Tuesday (2/25) morning will last until later in the evening. "Flood often hits this neighborhood (Petamburan), but I did not expect it to be this long," she said.

The volunteers entertaining Anisa, Suhaeni’s child, before getting her onto ACT’s rubber boat on Tuesday (2/25). Anisa and her mother stayed on the second floor of her house due to the flooding that reached the height of an adult’s nect. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

On that day, Suhaeni and Anisa were rescued by MRI Central Jakarta to be taken to a safer place. Muhammad Syahri from MRI Central Jakarta team said that the evacuation had been carried out from Monday (2/24) night to Tuesday (2/25) morning. The sick, elderly, and infants were prioritized.

"Many choose to stay on the second floor of their houses because they believe the flood would be receding quickly. Unfortunately, until late at night, the water had not receded, and the height of the flood reached around two meters," he explained.

For the Central Jakarta area, the MRI team mobilized a number of volunteers to evacuate the residents, especially in Tanah Abang. They had been on alert since the heavy rain first hit Jakarta on Monday evening. The volunteers were on standby until Tuesday afternoon to evacuate trapped residents to the nearest evacuation sites. []