Mrs. Enung's Dream of Owning a Decent House

Mrs. Enung and her family in Tasikmalaya are looking forward to having a decent house. The installation of poles and roofs is the last step in the construction process.

Mrs. Enung
Mrs. Enung's new home in Tasikmalaya is under construction. (ACTNews/Habib W)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Generous Friends, do you remember Mrs. Enung, who lives with her four children in a 3 by 2-meter house in Leuwibudah Village, Sukaraja District, Tasikmalaya Regency? Her dream of owning a decent place will soon come true because of the generosity of Generous Friends.

Previously, the house where this family sought refuge was a temporary stilt house. Rainwater frequently entered through leaking walls and roofs in this house, which was more similar to a hut in appearance. There were no toilets in the house.

Mrs. Enung's husband has passed away. She sells snacks to meet her daily needs. The proceeds from trading are insufficient to cover their daily expenses and their children's school fees. Her desire to live in a decent house was buried deep due to her mediocre income.

Seeing Mrs. Enung's struggle and condition, ACT Tasikmalaya collaborated with partners and Generous Friends to build Mrs. Enung's house into a proper place. Mrs. Enung warmly welcoomed this house renovation. 

"I want to thank everyone who helped build my house. I never imagined having a decent house like the one that is currently being built for me. May Allah replace all the good with even more good," said Enung with teary eyes, Friday (5/13/2022).

Mrs. Enung's house before renovation. (ACTNews)

Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya team said Mrs. Enung's house has been under construction for 14 days. Construction has now reached 90% completion.

"Alhamdulillah, the construction of Mrs. Enung's family house is nearly finished. The main structure is already in place, and the poles and roof are being installed. Hopefully, it will complete soon. Thank you to everyone who worked together to build Mrs. Enung's house," Fauzi said. []