MSME Owners under Global Wakaf – ACT’s Supervision Ready to Form Partnership Businesses

After receiving business assistance for a year, MSME owners who benefitted from Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for MSMEs in Jagakarta District, South Jakarta, are now ready to improve their businesses by forming partnerships with the hope that these partnership businesses will further expand benefits.

waqf for msmes
Groups of MSME owners listen to each other’s presentation during the selection process on Thursday (10/21/2021). (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The empowerment scheme for the beneficiaries of the Waqf for MSMEs program in Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta, has begun. The MSME owners that have received business assistance from Global Wakaf – ACT will form partnerships after they previously owned individual businesses.

These partnerships will be funded by waqf. On Thursday (10/21/2021), thirteen MSME owners who have been divided into several groups presented the business models that they will run.

Fatiyah Azizah from Waqf for MSMEs team explained, the businesses were grouped based on several criteria:  turnovers, legalities, and business mentoring attendance rate of 80%.

“They are the beneficiaries whom we have mentored for a year. At this stage, they will have to form business partnerships because the assistance for individual businesses is about to end,” explained Fathiya.

These new partnership businesses will be given a year for them to develop, Fathiya added, Global Wakaf – ACT focuses on not the return of the capital assistance, but on the empowerment of each business.

Currently, the team is still selecting more MSME owners that will take part in this program. “In Jagakarsa alone, there are 50 MSME owners that we are currently selecting. We hope that, with this new scheme, these new businesses can expand benefits to their surroundings including by creating new job opportunities,” hoped Fathiya. []