Mud Floods Drag Dozens of Buildings and Livestock Sheds in Mamasa

Residents couldn’t manage to rescue their belongings that were swept away by the sudden mud flood.

Mud Floods in Mamasa.
Mud floods hit Burana Village, Tabulahan District, Mamasa Regency, West Sulawesi Province (ACTNews).

ACTNews, MAMASA Dozens of houses in Burana Village, Tabulanan District, Mamasa Regency, West Sulawesi Province, were swept away by floods and landslides. The disaster also caused the locals’ livestock to get dragged by floods.

“Approximately, there are 469 residents who are affected by floods and landslides. A total of 102 residents evacuate themselves to the village office and relatives’ houses,” said Ade Putra from ACT Mamuju Program Team, Monday (9/6/2021).

Ade continued, the floods and landslides have severely ravaged three connecting bridges, 65 houses, and slightly damaged two houses. Furthermore, around along the 300-meter road connecting Burana Village and Pangandaran Village was buried by the landslides.

Mittim, the Head Village of Burana, said that many residents couldn’t rescue their properties since floods accompanied by mud came suddenly. Apart from houses, flash floods also damaged their rice fields. "Residents managed to save themselves before their houses were swept away by the mud flood," he said.

Mittim revealed that there was a high-intensity rain that was followed by muddy flash floods in a short time and immediately ravaged the residents’ settlement.[]