Muhammad Anen's Struggle and Spirit to Educate Village Children

“I don't want the village children to be stupid and to be easily deceived. That is my reason for teaching,” said Muhammad Anen, an honorary teacher in Bogor Regency.

Anen receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Muhammad Anen (52) has devoted half of his life to be a teacher at a private Islamic-based elementary school in Cipendawa Village, Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency. He often feels ups and downs.

To get to his workplace, Anen has to walk up and down the hill for 3 kilometers. The road he passed is a dirt road, and the conditions are dangerous when it rains because it is slippery. However, his enthusiasm for teaching does not slacken.

“I don't want the village children to be stupid so that they are easily deceived. Many people here do not go to school, and they are easily deceived. That is what inspired me to become a teacher,” said Anen, Saturday (7/31/2021).

Anen faced difficulty when the school was damaged due to the flash flood in 2020. For weeks, there were no teaching and learning activities. Anen and other teachers decided to hold an emergency school in a camp.

“When there was a flood, the school was damaged. Not only that but my house was also destroyed. However, we must remain strong because the disaster came from Allah. For the first time, I went to school wearing boots and a T-shirt like a farmer, after the flood. Even though we are in a disaster, we must be strong and optimistic when dealing with children," he said, Saturday (7/31/2021).

Anen's salary is IDR 300 thousand per month, and he receives it every four months. His salary is not enough to meet the needs of his family. Anen grows tubers for additional income.

“I grow tubers just in case the salary runs out. However, since there is assistance from ACT, I am not worried that I don't have rice at home,” explained Anen after receiving financial assistance and food packages from Global Zakat-ACT, Saturday (7/31/2021).[]