Muhammad Yamin's Da'wah Challenge on the Outermost Islands of Indonesia

"Many people are also non-Muslims, they also invite Muslims to enter their religion, so the challenge of doing da'wah is bigger," said Ustaz Muhammad Yamin Dai in Pemping Village, Batam.

Ustaz Muhammad Yamin.
Ustaz Muhammad Yamin (left) hands shake with ACT Team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – Pemping Island is one of the outermost islands in Indonesia. This island is next to Singapore in the west. Pemping Island is included in Pemping Village, Belakang Padang District, Batam City.

Pemping district has many islands, one of them is Air Johor Island. Air Johor Island can be reached in 30 minutes by boat from Sekupang Harbor, Batam. When the water recedes, the boat cannot lean to the end of the shoreline and can only lean 100 meters and then walk through the mud to get to the mainland.

On this island, Ustaz Muhammad Yamin devoted himself to guiding the community to learn Islam. Ustaz Yamin has lived and preached on the outermost island of Indonesia for 20 years. His struggle is not easy and experienced ups and downs.

“Many people make a living as fishermen. During 20 years of preaching, the enthusiasm of the community in learning religion has ups and downs. If they don't go to sea, many people come to study. When the head of the family goes to sea, his children and wife also go to sea, meaning that no one comes to study," said Ustaz Yamin, Monday (6/8/2021).

Ustaz Yamin continues, that is his challenge in preaching. He also uses this challenge to train his heart to remain consistent in inviting people to worship and learn more about Islam. When he came to Air Johor for the first time, there was no Mosque there. He tried his best to convince people to build a prayer room.

“I left my hometown in Java in 1999 and settled here as a fisherman. When I came to Batam, there was no mosque or prayer room. I invited the community to build a prayer room. Now, it has become a mosque, and we collected money to build it, "he explained.

Another struggle faced by Ustaz Yamin is many people in Air Johor Island are non-Muslim. The challenge to convince the public about Islam is getting better. “Many people here are non-Muslim. They also invite Muslim people here to learn their religion. Hence, that's a challenge too,” he said. 

Supporting Ustaz Yamin's preaching struggle, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance on Sunday (6/6/2021). Ustaz Yamin expressed his gratitude for this assistance. []