MUI Bekasi City: Ramadan Food Aid is Perfect for Quran Teachers Affected by the Pandemic

MUI Bekasi City General Secretary Hasnul Kholid stated that food alms would be very useful for Quran teachers whose economy slump due to the pandemic.

The handover of Waqf Rice from ACT Bekasi City to MUI Bekasi City.
The handover of Waqf Rice from ACT Bekasi City to MUI Bekasi City to be distributed to each district. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Bekasi City appreciated the Ramadan Food Alms Movement actions initiated by ACT Bekasi City this Ramadan. The General Secretary of MUI Bekasi City Hasnul Kholid said this Ramadan became the second collaboration of MUI Bekasi City and ACT Bekasi City in distributing food assistance to Islamic teachers, Quran teachers, and preachers in twelve districts in Bekasi.

“This is the second time, Mashaa Allah, may Allah bless us. Ya Allah, we are really grateful to ACT. It’s real that MUI is given the priority in this Ramadan to help the Islamic and Quran teachers and preachers who are in need,” said Hasnul, Tuesday (04/20/2021).

For Hasnul, ACT’s decision to give food assistance was perfect. Moreover, the Quran teachers and preachers under MUI Bekasi City's supervision are among those who are affected by the pandemic during this year’s Ramadan.

“It seems that groceries are really needed by Quran teachers who have been affected by the pandemic, especially in the second Ramadan in a pandemic where everyone’s income is gradually decreased. Hence, groceries are the right assistance because everyone’s income is decreasing. In reality, some of their students no longer pay them. It obviously affects their income. This also happens with the preachers. I am sorry to say this, but, previously, they got enough payment after they give lectures. However, since the pandemic, they only get half of their normal payment. That becomes our concern for them,” said Hasnul.

ACT Bekasi City previously distributed 100 packages of Waqf Rice to the Quran teachers and preachers in 12 districts in Bekasi City. "We want to say thank you to ACT, may Allah bless all of you,” added Hasnul.

Meanwhile the Branch Manager of ACT Bekasi City, Rizky Renanda said, the collaboration between ACT and MUI started last year. He hoped the collaboration could have a good impact on Quran teachers and religious teachers in Bekasi City.

“We want to say thank you to MUI Bekasi City which has facilitated the collaboration to distribute the food aid through MUI in the districts. Therefore, the food aid can immediately be received by the Quran teachers and preachers. We also encourage everyone, with ACT, to ease the burden of our brothers and sisters during Ramadan through almsgiving that can be sent through the Indonesia Dermawan website,” he said.[]