Mulyani’s Perseverance in Supporting Her Family Despite Physical Limitations

In spite of her physical limitations, Mulyani (42) never gives up. The pandemic that has deteriorates her family’s financial condition has motivated her to work even harder to provide for her family.

Mulyani’s Perseverance in Supporting Her Family Despite Physical Limitations' photo
Mulyani selling fried foods on Tuesday (10/13). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BENGKALIS - Mulyani (42) has dedicated herself fully to providing for her family. Last year, she had an accident that has limited her physical ability to this day. She has to use walking crutches despite having undergone surgery. Regardless of her condition, Mulyani’s spirit to support her family rages on.

Mulyani lives with her husband and two children who are in high school and junior high school. Previously, Mulyani's husband worked in a company. Due to the pandemic, the company’s profit had been declining, resulting in her husband’s layoff. Mulyani is currently relying on selling fried foods to support her family

"Every day, my children sell the fries in the morning. From mid-day until late afternoon, it is my turn to take care of my stall. I used to earn around IDR 60,000 to 80,000 a day. My income has been decreasing since the Coronavirus outbreak,” she said on Tuesday (10/13) ago.

With her mobility slightly limited, Mulyani has to be assisted by one of her friends. As a result, she has to allot some of her earnings to pay her.

To help Mulyani survive this pandemic, Global Wakaf - ACT distributed the Waqf for Micro Business Capital.  I am very happy about the capital waqf because I don’t need to take loans. Alhamdulillah, we are protected from usury," said Mulyani.

Apart from Mulyani, there were five other beneficiaries who received waqf capital through the Waqf for Micro Business Capital on that day. They are tough women who have been struggling in these difficult times. “There are many more women who strive to support their families in the midst of the current pandemic, and their struggle is not easy. For this reason, we are inviting you all to always support them through the Waqf for Micro Business Capital program. Hopefully, your assistance can alleviate the crisis they are currently experiencing,” hoped Andika from Global Wakaf  - ACT Duri Program Department. []