Mulyani Stands Strong Despite Calamities

In the last few years, Mulyani has been dealing with a lot of calamities. After her and her child fell ill, her husband passed away. To make things worse, her business went bankrupt. She stands strong despite the calamities that she has been dealing with. Now, Mulyani sells chicken nuggets to make a living,

Mulyani Stands Strong Despite Calamities' photo
Mulyani packaging the nuggets that she sells. (ACTNews / Eka Zairina Aly Hanafiah)

ACTNews, DEPOK - Mulyani had just served coffee to her husband when everything went dark, and she fell into a coma for aa week. The doctor said she had high cholesterol. Then, another calamity struck when her son suffered from appendicitis and had to have his appendix removed. Mulyani's grief was not over yet as her husband passed away in 2016.

"I was sick and fell into a coma, but my husband was the one who passed away. He passed away in an evening in 2016. At that time, he was in a lot of debts. We had three cars that we used as share taxis and three motorbikes that we use for bike taxis,” said Mulyani. She further mentioned that the people that his husband hired were dishonest. They got in debts. “In the end, I sold all my three cars. As for the motorbikes, I don’t know where they are now,” said Multani at her home in Cipayung, Depok on Friday (9/18).

Mulyani was in severely difficult conditions. She quite all organizations of which she was a member. "At first, when my husband died, I just wanted to go with my husband. That was the extent of my sorrow. I had no wealth left. I lost all hopes. I didn’t do anything for a year. I didn’t have the enthusiasm. Finally, some of my friends came to uplift my spirit,” said Mulyani.

Previously, she made chicken nuggets, and now she continues her chicken nugget business to support her family and finance her children’s education until they were graduated. Before the pandemic, her products were met with a positive response from the customers.

Mulyani’s chicken nuggets. (ACTNews / Eka Zairina Aly Hanafiah)

"Before the pandemic, I can sell 10 kilograms of chicken nuggets from door to door. I also make 5 kilograms of chicken nuggets by orders. Now, because of the pandemic, I only make the nuggets by orders. I am not brave enough to go door to door,” she said.

To support Mulyani’s unwavering spirit, Global Wakaf – ACT handed over business capital waqf to her through the Waqf for Micro Business Capital Program on Thursday (9/3). She used the capital to increase the volume of her production.

Zaid Muzayyan od ACT Depok Program Department hoped that the Waqf for Micro Business Capital can support Mulyani's business and help it develop. "We hope that the capital waqf can further increase the volume of Ms Mulyani’s business,” said Zaid.

On that occasion, Zaid also invited the community to continue to support micro-entrepreneurs who are currently facing difficulties due to the pandemic. "We invite philanthropists to help small business owners through Waqf for Micro Business Capital. We hope that we can ease their burden,” Zaid hoped.

Mulyani herself has a message for people who are currently dealing with calamities. "Everything will be beautiful in its time, Insha Allah. My motorcycles were swindled, but, Alhamdulillah, I received a door prize of a motorcycle on the birthday of Depok City. We don't know where will sustenance come from. The important thing is patience, trusting Allah, and keeping our intentions clean for the sake of Allah. We surrender to Allah, and Allah will take care of my affairs. Surely, He knows that He will not test someone beyond one’s capacity,” said Mulyani. []


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