Mundiroh Dedicates Her Life as Honorary Teacher for 16 Years

For more than a decade, Mundiroh has dedicated herself as an honorary teacher. Once, she had to travel 44 kilometers for work. Her current salary is IDR 250,000 a month.

Mundiroh receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUBANG – Mundiroh, an honorary teacher at an elementary school in Soklat Village of Subang District, Subang Regency, lives in financial difficulty. The mother of four has been working as an honorary teacher for 16 years.

When she first became an honorary teacher, she was assigned to a school in the neighboring district that is 44 kilometers away from her house.

"It took 1.5 hours to get there by motorbike," said Mundiroh when the Global Zakat – ACT Subang visited her to give her financial assistance.

In 2020, Mundiroh had an accident that forced her to stop teaching. She only started teaching again in 2021.

To make an additional income, Mundiroh also sells several items such as shoes and honey online and to her neighbors. “My husband does the delivery. My husband used to sell salted fish at the market," she said.

Sarah Yusra from the Global Zakat - ACT Subang program department said Mundiroh is also actively involved in helping the sick and orphans. She is also an active member of a local Islamic study circle. “Her life is full of dedication in spite of her own difficulties," he concluded.