Muslim Preachers in Banjar Never Loses Sincerity Amidst Limitations

Even with minimal facilities, Muslim preachers in Aluh-Aluh District, Banjar Regency, continue to struggle to spread the light of Islam through education.

south kalimantan
Many of the teachers who sincerely provide knowledge voluntarily. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJAR REGENCY –​​ The area of Aluh-Aluh District in Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan is quite extensive. It includes small islands that are not connected to one another. Because of the natural features, many educational facilities in the area lack proper supporting facilities.

Madrasah Darussaadah in Podok Village is one of these educational facilities. Established in 2006, this Islamic school is only eight by six-meter wide. Parts of the building are decrepit, and the desks are made of wood, crafted by the local residents.

Each student is charged IDR1,000 for each meeting. With three teachers available, each of them can earn IDR7,000 to IDR8,000 a day. The problem is that some teachers come from neighboring villages, and the transportation costs are higher than their fees.

"We teach the Quran strictly for Allah’s pleasure. Although we are unpaid, we are working sincerely,” said Ustaz Ardia as Head of Madrasah Darusaadah when met on Saturday (1/15/2022).

In the neighboring village of Terapu, lies another Islamic School: Al-Ikhwan Quran School. Along with his wife and a local resident, Ustaz Zainuddin teaches around 80 students in a 3 by 4-meter classroom. Located near the river, this building often gets drowned during floods.

Despite the inadequate building, he never charges the students. “They pay voluntarily. Sometimes the parents pay us with unhusked rice,” said Zainuddin.

Through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity, Global Zakat – ACT provides assistance for the Muslim preachers at Madrasah Darusaadah and Al-Ikhwan Hifz School to encourage them to teach Islam to the students. []