Muslim Preachers Work Various Jobs to Meet Daily Needs

Teaching children to recite the Quran is not a job for Muslim preachers in the village. Many Muslim preachers work other jobs, such as farming, raising goats, and trading to meet their daily needs.

Ustaz Sugiman
Ustaz Sugiman peddles fresh vegetables. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – Teaching children to recite the Quran is not a job for Muslim preachers in the village. It is mere devotion that is always lived wholeheartedly and does not expect anything in return.

To meet their daily needs, the preachers have their way, starting from farming, raising goats, to trading. Even though the money earned from this work is not much, the preachers are still consistent in teaching and have no intention of collecting rewards.

Ustaz Sugiman, one of the Quran teachers in Muntuk Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, must be at the market to shop for vegetables every day at 05.00 a.m. He will peddle these vegetables to several villages in Dlingo District by motorbike.

Alhamdulillah, the profit is enough for daily meals and electricity. As long as my capital return, I am already grateful even though the profit is not big. I can go home and rest in the afternoon,” said Ustaz Sugiman when met by ACT Bantul team, Wednesday (9/22/2021).

For Ustaz Sugiman, selling vegetables is his main job, and teaching the Quran every afternoon is just an activity that he focuses on worship. "Students learn how to recite the Quran for free," he explained.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Asep Juli in Limbangan, Sukaraja District, Sukabumi City, raises goats belonging to people every day. It is his responsibility to feed and clean the cage. Later, Ustaz Asep will be paid with a newborn goat.

"The payment is a goat. If there are two newborn goats, one for me and the other for the owner. I earn money from this job to support my family. My wife sells snacks in front of the house for additional income,” said a man with three children.

25 students recite the Quran at Ustaz Asep's house. The recitation is divided into two sessions, after Asr prayer, for those who recite the Iqra, and after Maghrib, for students who learn the yellow book. “They learn for free. Anyone can come to my house,” he explained. 

Ustaz Fauzan Ardi, a teacher at Riyadul Huda Islamic boarding school in Wangunreja Village, Nyalindung District, Sukabumi Regency, chose to work as a farmer. He supports his family and his 30 students from the harvest.

“Santri who live in Islamic boarding schools are not paying tuition fees. We eat from the harvest. Alhamdulillah, it is enough," he said.

The preachers sincerely do their dawah. Even in difficult times, they will never show their difficulties. To prosper the preachers, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) launched the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity (GNSDI), and to support this movement, ACT will assist 1,000 Muslim preachers.[]