Naima's Sorrow After Israeli Missile Destroyed Her House

Naima Hamouda Abu Ammar lost her house following the Israeli attack. She now lives with 18 other survivors in a room that is still intact.

Naima's Sorrow After Israeli Missile Destroyed Her House' photo
Five houses were destroyed by the attacks. The survivors now live in a room that remains intact. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Ruins and debris were still scattered following the Israeli attacks a few weeks ago. Children's school bags, cabinets, and some pieces of furniture were buried beneah rubble. When Israel launched the attack, the building was almost completely flattened to the ground, leaving only a few places intact.

One of the remaining buildings is now inhabited by a family of 19 people. Jomah Alnajjar, one of the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partners in Gaza, came to their place on Sunday (11/24). Naima Hamuda Abu Ammar, one of the family members, then related how they lost their home in northern Gaza.

"We were all inside our houses when Israel attacked. That day (12/11) was the second day of the attacks and it was 11 p.m. at night. All of the families evacuated their houses when the Israeli forces arrived. A few minutes after we left, they blew up our houses with missiles, "Naima said.

Five houses were destroyed instantly. When they returned, there were some remnants of the building in which the survivors now live. Naima now lives with 18 other survivors in a room with a few mats for all of them to sleep on. They pile up what remains from their belonging on a corner of the room.

"All members of this family live in one room. We want to return to our peaceful home as before, especially because now winter has also begun," Naima said.

Naima and her family hope that their house will be rebuilt quickly, considering that the family is also quite large. At the end of this November, ACT distributed aid to Naima's family from the Indonesian Humanitarian Center (IHC) in Gaza.

Naima's family received package assistance from IHC-ACT. (ACTNews)

"We are very grateful to ACT for the assistance that was channeled from philanthropists in Indonesia during this emergency period. Thank you for all the food, medicine and clothes for all of us. This is because our situation is very difficult now. Here we also have children who are still in school. They need books, school bags and clothes for the winter, "Naima explained.

The distribution of food packages is part of the distribution of 5,000 food aid packages from the IHC. North Gaza received about 1,100 food packages that day. There will be five more areas that will be targeted by this program in the future.

"The distribution of these food packages will continue given the conditions they are experiencing now. This is a message to the world that we want peace and assistance for Palestine after the military attacks on the Palestinians, "Jomah said.

Jomah said the siege that has lasted 14 years and affected various sectors in Gaza. So, when attacks such as those happening in North Gaza took placee, the civilians really need our help. []