Nakba Day: Of the Relentless Struggle for Freedom

For the Palestinians, there is no other way but to continue fighting

ACTNews, GAZA – In the middle of May, the world remembers a sorrowful day. On May 15 1948, the Palestinians witnessed the expulsion of hundreds of thousands from their homeland in Palestine. This catastrophic day will forever be remembered as the Day of Nakba.

Decades have passed, and the events to commemorate the day have resulted in many wounded Palestinians. Nevertheless, the struggle of the Palestinians for their freedom and land has never relented. One of the people that participated in the Nakba Day protest last year was Abdullah Qasem (17).

Abdullah lost his two legs. They were amputated after a live bullet entered his left leg under his knee and penetrated to the other leg above his thigh during a protest to commemorate Nakba Day in which he participated last year.

"I don't regret participating in the protest," he insisted. "I paid a high price, but everyone here is used to sacrifices," said the refugee that came from Al Majdal, which known now by Israel as Ashkelon, Tuesday (5/14).

Another protester who had to pay a high price was Dawlat Fawzi Hamadeen (33) and her family. She was a hairdresser and owned a salon in Beit Hanoun. Her injury has prevented her from opening up her salon again, a life-altering problem as she was the sole breadwinner for her family. 

On May 14 last year, as she joined the throngs protesting near the Israeli fence, an explosive bullet penetrated the main artery in her thigh, and she was immediately evacuated to hospital. Dawlat spent six months in Egypt, where she underwent seven surgeries, and returned to the Gaza Strip in April.

"It was the hardest year in life," Dawlat told Al Jazeera. She admitted that she didn’t regret participating in the protest a year ago.

"It is my destiny. The march could achieve many of its demands such as ending the Israeli blockade on Gaza, but it needs to be sustained over a long period of time," she said.

This year, as reported by the Jerusalem Post, the Nakba Day was commemorated by the Palestinians on Wednesday by holding protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against the so-called “Deal of the Century”. []