Nana Remains Grateful After 17 Years of Being Honorary Teacher

Despite having spent 17 years as an honorary teacher, Nana Suparna (50) never relents. Although he earns only a meager income, his will to educate his students never falters.

Nana Sumarna (50) at Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tasikmalaya Branch Office (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - Being an honorary elementary school teacher for 17 years never weakens Nana Sumarna (50)’s spirit. He has been teaching many subjects to his students, including teaching methods. Until now, he is still happy for his job.

"Alhamdulillah, some of my students have become lecturers in private universities. I myself am still an honorary teacher," he said, laughing. "But Alhamdulillah, maybe that is what God has decreed for me," he continued.

Being an honorary teacher in Indonesia needs a strong heart and will because many honorary teachers receive only meager salary. This, however, was never a problem for Nana who earns only IDR 300,000 a month. He is grateful for what he receives.

"I can provide for my family: my wife and four children. Besides teaching, I usually sell everything that I can sell to make ends meet,” Nana said.

His workplace is located five kilometers away from his house. To get there, he rides a motorbike from his house every day. One of his children often need to use the motorbike to go to school too, so the father and son used the old motorbike every day because it is the only one.

"Sometimes it rains when I walk to school when my son has to use the motorbike. The first things that I do when I arrive at school is go to the toilet to tidy up my clothes and hair. As teachers, we must be tidy and clean because our students emulate and imitate our actions. Before the class, I make sure my clothes are tidy, without any trace of sweat or rain,” he added.

Amid the difficulties that he faces every day, sometimes he wishes to be a civil servant to alleviate the burden. The thought that came once in a while often saddens him.

Yet, his wish and sadness is insignificant compared to his strong will to dedicate himself to educating the children. He has been determined to dedicate himself to education since he graduated from the Teacher Education School (SPG).

"Insha Allah my knowledge is useful because my heart has been driven to spread knowledge to my students. In teaching my students, I won’t be stopped by heat, rain, or just lack of money. I am determined that my students will benefit from my knowledge,” said Nana.

For Nana's sincerity, Global Zakat - ACT is appreciating him through the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (Friends of Indonesian Teachers) program. Supported by the alms from the generous benefactors, Nana received financial assistance from ACT.

"Because, after all, Pak Nana's devotion to his students is very significant. Therefore, through this program, we want to give our most sincere appreciation to Pak Nana. May Allah reward him for his struggle for years," said M. Fauzi Ridwan, Coordinator of the Global Zakat – ACT Tasikmalaya Program when delivering aid to Nana last Sunday (12/7).

Nana was happy for the assistance delivered to him. He hoped that Global Zakat - ACT can continue to support teachers in Indonesia, "This is a blessing for me and my family. May Global Zakat – ACT be committed to humanitarian activities so that Allah is pleased with us all pleasure is with all of us," hope Nana

Fauzi also hoped that more teachers like Nana can be assisted. Therefore, Fauzi hoped for the support from all benefactors. "The alms given to Pak Nana through the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program comes from the support of all philanthropists. That is why we invite the benefactors to continue to provide their best support for those fighting for education in this country," he said. []