Nazira and Denis Don’t Give Their Dreams Up Despite Losing Parent

Nazira and Denis have become fatherless after their father passed away from the Covid-19. However, they still strive to reach their dreams with support from their mother as a single parent.

Assistance for orphans
Nazira works on his homework. The big brother of Denira wants to be a soldier. (ACTNews/Ratih Ayu)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Losing a father from the Covid-19 made Muhammad Nazira and Ahmad Denis Keandre were about to lose their spirit of life. Fortunately, the siblings who are now raised by only their mother are eager to keep learning and make their dreams come true.

Nazira and Denis looked seriously working on their homework when met at their house in Sungai Andai Village, Banjarmasin City, Wednesday (10/6/2021). During the pandemic, the siblings who are currently in middle school have to take turns between online and offline school.

Nazira who is a 9th-grade middle school student said that losing a parent is not the end of everything, neither break his dream to be a soldier. “I want to protect this country,” said Nazir when he was asked about his reason to be a soldier.

Nazira added that to achieve his dream, he has prepared many things such as doing regular workouts to have fit physic, preparing his mental, keep learning, and will let Allah do the rest for the result. Nazira said that if he hasn’t been able to be a soldier, he will apply to be a police officer since his late father was failed to become one so he wants to make it happen.

Meanwhile, Denis who is still in 7th-grade of middle school has a different dream from Nazira. He wants to be a delivery man by quickly finishing high school so he can immediately work and help his family’s financial condition.

“I want to help my parent and family as soon as possible,” said Denis.

Nazira and Denis are the two oldest of five siblings in the family. Their three little siblings are still in elementary school and kindergarten. Currently, they are only raised by their mother, Winani within difficulties. Ratih Ayu from Aksi CepatTanggap (ACT) South Kalimantan Program team explained that Nazira, Denis, and their three siblings have become fatherless after their father passed away from the Covid-19. The condition has greatly affected the family’s condition as they lost the breadwinner.

Therefore, ACT South Kalimantan provided scholarships for Nazira and Denis who have become fatherless due to the Covid-19. In addition, the team also delivered financial assistance to their mother.

“This program aims to assist children who lost their parents from the Covid-19. We can’t let them drop out of school and give their dreams up,” explained Ratih.[]