New Desks Boost the Spirit of Balikpapan Santris

An old whiteboard and worn Quran copies are the only learning tools available in the Quran Learning Center (TPA) of Tuanku Tunggang Parangan Mosque, Balikpapan. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm to study Islam is still so great.

ACT volunteers with the santri.
A picture of ACT volunteers with the santris in Balikpapan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – Since 2000, a Quran Learning Center (TPA) has operated in Tuanku Tunggang Parangan Mosque, Sepinggan, South Balikpapan. Up to this day, the Islamic educational institution becomes a place for 28 santri (students) from 6 years old to middle school students. Most of the santris are from underprivileged families and orphans. They learn Islamic knowledge using the worn-out whiteboard and Quran copies as their learning tools.

In the first week of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team had a chance to visit the TPA. The road taken wasn’t always smooth, at some points, the road was very muddy due to the rainfall. The trip was constrained by it and the team's vehicle to slip at one point.

The residents who live around The Tuanku Tunggang Parangan Mosque are mostly underprivileged. Most of them work as freelancers, construction workers, and traders. This condition is one of the reasons that the mosque’s financial situation is not so good. Thus, the renovation and the facilities procurement for the mosque are difficult to fulfill.

In response to the condition, ACT didn’t only come for a mere visit but to distribute humanitarian assistance in a form of learning desks for the santris in the TPA. Hopefully, the new desks can encourage the students’ enthusiasm in learning Islam.

“Thank you for the assistance for the students here. The efforts that you have made for us, may it be a source of rewards,” said Ustaz Amin, the manager of TPA Tuanku Tunggang Parangan Mosque.

Dimas Bayu from ACT East Kalimantan team said the desk assistance or any form of assistance was very valuable for children in the Balikpapan region.

“Everyone can take their best part to support the education throughout the archipelago," said Dimas.[]