New Houses Enliven the Life of Underprivileged Families in Ciamis

Families of Oyo and Momoh who live in Sadananya, Ciamis, no longer live in unlivable houses. In May, the two underprivileged families officially live in houses that were renovated by ACT with the support of the benefactors.

Momoh (65) opens the door to her newly renovated house. (ACTNews)
Momoh (65) opens the door to her newly renovated house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIAMIS – Oyo (60), and Uun (45) are husband and wife that live in poverty at their old age. The couple works as scavengers, something that they have been doing for years despite Oyo's limited physical conditions.

Oyo and his wife live in Sadananya, Ciamis, in a simple house made of woven bamboo wall. It has only a 3-by-3-meter room where they sleep, cook, and store the scraps that they gather.

Another Sadananya resident, Momoh (65), also lives in poverty. She lived in a semi-permanent house that has never been renovated since 1983. It has undergone only minor repairs such as repairing the leaky roof. As a result, the house has been. The whole house got wet every time the rain fell.

To meet her daily needs, Momoh only relies on her special needs son who works odd jobs. Momoh has to take care of another child, Sanusi (45), who suffers medical complications from the disease. Previously, Sanusi was the breadwinner of the family. However, since falling sick, he has been unable to work and walk. "Ms. Momoh is old and bent. She is no longer able to do heavy works," said Ridwan Fauzi from the Program team of ACT Tasikmalaya, Thursday (5/20/2021).

On Thursday, ACT had the opportunity to meet the two underprivileged elderly families to officially hand over their houses that had been renovated by ACT through the Mobile Social Rescue program. New, more livable buildings have now been inhabited by Oyo and Momoh's families.

Alhamdulillah, the construction of these houses was done in about a month, and each house is equipped with furniture. We thank donors and residents who helped during the renovation," said Fauzi.

Oyo and Momoh expressed their gratitude. They were touched by the help that came for their families. “ I am very grateful to all of them who have made efforts to renovate my house. Hopefully, everyone will be healthy. Now, I don’t worry anymore that my house will collapse when it rains,” said Momoh, holding back her emotion. []