New Mosque Ready to Support Islamic Civilization in Uganda’s Bulambuli

Aksi Cepat Tanggap renovated a mosque in Bulambuli District as an effort to encourage Ugandan Muslims to pray in the mosque. Hopefully, this mosque can become the center of Islamic civilization in the region.

uganda bulambuli mosque
Mosque in Bulambuli District under construction (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BULAMBULI – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to intensify humanitarian actions to help Muslim brothers and sisters in need in various parts of the world. Muslims in Bulambuli District Uganda are among the beneficiaries of ACT’s humanitarian programs. In Bulambuli, ACT renovated a mosque to make it more comfortable for the community to use.

Prior to the renovation, the mosque was only able to accommodate a maximum of 200 worshipers. The roof often leaked when it rains and the floor is only made of dirt lined with tarpaulin. The walls were made only of woven wood. Strong winds can knock it down at any time. Hence, the mosque becomes very uncomfortable to use.

"Since April 22, we have started the renovation of this mosque. By late May, we had finished plastering the exterior walls and the veranda. The roof tiles had also been replaced with metal sheets. By June 8, the mosque has been fully painted,” explained Amir Firdausi from Global Humanity Response-ACT, Friday (6/11/2021).

The team also improves the sanitary facility so that the congregants can maintain their cleanliness before praying. "The progress of the restroom renovation has reached 60 percent. It is expected to be finished very soon,” added Amir

Amir hopes that the renovated mosque will be more adequate for the worshipers and encourage Ugandan Muslims to frequent the mosque of study and memorize the Quran so that the mosque can be the center of Islamic civilization in the Bulambuli region.

In Uganda, there are still many mosques that need to be renovated. Therefore, he invited generous benefactors to take part in serving the Ugandan Muslim community by providing better places of worship. "You can donate for the renovation of mosques in Uganda by visiting the Indonesia Dermawan website or nearest ACT Branch Offices," said Amir. []