Nikma Establishes Quran School to Sow the Seeds of Religious Knowledge from Early Age

Because many children in her neighborhood were unable to read the Qur'an, Nikma was motivated to establish her own Quran school in 2002. Despite the lack of facilities, the locals have been very much eager to learn the Quran.

Nikma (center) is currently building his own classroom so that students can learn more comfortably. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KENDARI CITY – In 2002, out of concern that many of the local children in Gunung Jati Village in Kendari City were growing up without being able to read the Quran, Nikma established her Quran school. In addition, she also hoped to quell street fighting that was prevalent at that time through religious education.

She began her Quran school at her house. Most of their students were from poor families. Despite having only meager facilities, the school attracts many local children who are very eager to learn the Quran.

“Later, their mothers were also inspired to learn the Quran and take part in Islamic classes,” said Nikma, Saturday (1/15/2022).

For years, Nikma taught at her house that is made of wooden boards. Over time, the house began to deteriorate. Nikma and her husband began saving some money to renovate the house. Sadly, after four years, the progress of the renovation only reaches about 50 percent. Earning only meager incomes and having to support five children have made it quite difficult for Nikma and her husband to save enough money.

The learning activities were temporarily halted, and the students had to study at a Quran school located quite far from their homes. To make it easy for the students, Nikma wishes to build a temporary classroom on her family’s waqf land.

“We hope that the students can learn more comfortably. It will also be used as a prayer room. The building will be a simple 4-by-6 meter room,” said Nikma.

The funds that Nikma and her husband managed to collect were only enough to build two bases for the pillars. Due to the unstable soil, parts of the building have to be supported by pillars. While waiting for the completion of the building, Nikma divides the Quran classes into two shifts.

“Though it’s not as effective, the important thing is that the Quran class can continue so that the students won’t forget what they’ve memorized from the Quran. However, the Quran class for the women will have to wait until the building is finished,” said Nikma.

Through the National Movement for Indonesian Muslim Preachers’ Prosperity, Global Zakat – ACT gave Nikma financial assistance with the hope that it can support her Islamic works. []